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Our Facilities


Sri Annai Kamakshi Music and Fine Arts College provides infrastructure facilities as per the required norms laid out by Tamil Nadu Dr. J Jayalalithaa Music and Fine Arts University. The college, situated in the heart of the city is well-equipped with well-lit Art Class Rooms, a state-of-the-art Computer Lab, an Art Studio and music class rooms.

All facilities have been designed and maintained to provide an enriching learning experience, in addition to being a platform for interaction between students, faculty members and visiting luminaries.

Our Facilities

Regular Seminars And Workshops

Many specialized seminars and workshops are being conducted during the academic year. These programs are aimed at the development and individual growth of students in various areas related to art and music. Sri Annai Kamakshi Music and Fine Arts College invites renowned and respected artists and industry leaders to give lectures and interact with students.

Our Facilities


Sri Annai Kamakshi Music and Fine Arts College of Fine Arts has a great library, well-ripped with curriculum-related reference and text books for all courses. There are a sufficient number of books, magazines, and journals on art, dance, and music, apart from the computers with wireless internet.

Audio cassettes and CD’s, CD players, and VCDs are available for students for academic use and practice. The library reading room is open for the use of all staff and students of the college on all working days. All students are eligible to become members of the lending section of the library and avail of its facilities according to the prescribed rules.

Our Facilities

Achalam Art Gallery

Achalam Art Gallery a single-room gallery, attached to Sri Annai Kamakshi Music and Fine Arts CollegeFine Arts College. It encourages students, upcoming and senior artists to showcase their work. Various programmes, exhibitions and events are also conduced in the Achalam

Art Gallery which seeks to enrich teaching and learning at the college, whilst also welcoming a wider public audience to enjoy and debate contemporary arts. The Art Gallery has more than 60 Art Shows to its credit.

Our College

What We Provide

Sri Annai Kamakshi Music and Fine Arts College is an ambitious initiative of Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam, a pioneer in the field of art education. We are proud to be the first private fine arts college in Chennai. We are affiliated with Tamil Nadu Music University. We are backed by decades of professional experience, a team of experienced faculty, and the guidance and cooperation of many professionals.

The hallmark of the courses conducted by Sri Annai Kamakshi Music and Fine Arts College is their open-ended, creative and flexible approach, leading to a new system of art education. The college has flowered within a short time into a haven for artists and musicians stimulating experimentation, exploration and exciting collaborations and partnerships. We enrich your experience of the Arts in a way that they illuminate.

Sri Annai Kamakshi Music and Fine Arts College has strong links with the art community. The college runs a renowned national and international programme of visiting artists, exhibitions, public events and partnership activities. As a student, at Sri Annai Kamakshi Music and Fine Arts College, you’ll be making connections with artists, industry and potential employers from day one of the college.

Our College

What We Provide

In the middle of every academic year, Sri Annai Kamakshi Music and Fine Arts College organizes educational Tours to various places in India that are associated with exquisite art and culture.

The campus has a stationary shop that provides various art materials for the convenience of the students and faculty.

At Sri Annai Kamakshi Music and Fine Arts College of Fine Arts, the focus is to empower students with theoretical and practical knowledge. As part of the comprehensive curriculum, students are given adequate training making them industry-ready professionals. Year-end industrial training programmes and internship projects further hone the skills of students. Our placement cell with its strong links in the industry, offers support and assistance to all talented and deserving students in gaining meaningful employment. With our excellent support, our students can pursue over 200+ career opportunities.

Our Difference

Our Collaborations

Collaborations With Foreign Music &
Arts Universities / Colleges

Collaboration with Foreign Fine Arts Colleges/Universities in the below aspects is on the anvil.